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What is Domain Authority (DA) and Domain Rating (DR)

The SEO working of a website is quite complicated. It includes a number of affecting factors. You might also come across some unfamiliar terms.
For many people, Domain Authority and Domain Rating are new terms. And some, who have heard these terms, often confuse them with each other.
But, are these two terms really that complex? Well, no need to worry. We have got it covered for you. From what they mean to how you can benefit from them, here is everything you need to know.

Everything You Need to Know about DA and DR
First of all, let’s start with the basics. What do you mean by DA and DR?

Domain Authority (DA and DR)

So, DA (Domain Authority) means the strength of a website. It is a Search Engine metric developed by Moz. To explain further, DA predicts how well a website will rank on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).
It tells the score in numbers, ranging from 1 to 100. The better the score, the higher your website is likely to rank.
The Domain Authority depends on several factors. That includes the number of incoming and outgoing links, root domains, quality of the links, and domain age.
However, many people set it as their goal. You might be wondering it is the right thing to do? It’s not. It is just an idea of your site’s ranking and can only predict a score.
The right way of using it is to measure your and your competitor’s scores. This way, you can get a better understanding of your domain’s current rank.

Domain Rating (DA and DR)

Domain Rating, or DR, shows the strength of a website’s backlink profile. It is also measured with a score from 1 to 100. It is a metric of Website Authority and predicts how authoritative a site is.
If your site ranks that 100, it means it has stronger backlinks, and you have their authority as well. As the scale goes down, so does the rating according to the backlink profile.
The best part about DR is that its results are more reliable than most other tools. Also, its algorithm is simpler than Google’s. But again, you should not set this metric as your goal.
However, it can provide you a clearer picture of your or your competitor’s rating. Using DR, you can get an estimate of the search traffic of a website.

How to Check DA and DR

To check your Domain Authority Score, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Moz Link Explorer.
  2. On top, click on “Free SEO Tools.”
  3. Select “MozBar,” and click on “Try MozBar.”
  4. Now, you will be directed to the MozBar page.
  5. Then, click on the download button.

It is an all-in-one free tool that helps you track several metrics of your website, including the Authority scores.
You will see an option to enter a domain and an analyze button. Enter your website’s link and click on the button to get your scores.

As for Domain Rating, there are various tools available for free and cost. You can either try them online for free or buy a premium pack that contains multiple other tools. However, you can simply calculate DR using the following factors:

  1. The number of unique domain links of a website.
  2. The authorities of those domains.
  3. The number of unique domains each site links to.
  4. Now you can use coding skills and maths to calculate a figure of DR.
  5. Lastly, you can put in your 1 – 100 scale.

Are you getting low scores? Don’t worry, here is how you can increase your DA and DR.

da and dr

How to Increase DA and DR

Here are simple steps to tell you how you can boost your Domain Authority score:

  1. Working on your off-page SEO: This is the most important step. If you are not skilled in handling off-page SEO, then you should let a professional do it. It will positively impact your DA score drastically.
  2. Optimizing On-Page: After off-page, on-page SEO is a necessary task. It should be correctly optimized to improve your authority.
  3. Making a Mobile-Friendly Website: Most people build websites that are compatible with only a handful of devices. Make sure to optimize your website for all screens, such as mobile phones, tablets, and PC.
  4. Improving Page Speed: You will notice many websites that are slow to load. The reason behind that is poor optimization. To make sure your site gains a good DA score, optimize the speed as well.

Following these steps, you will notice a significant difference in your website’s Domain Authority.

Improving your Domain Rating can be a bit more complicated. Most people think that increasing the number of backlinks will affect the score. Well, it does not. Increasing backlinks mean they are pointing to random pages, and that will get you nowhere.
However, having active links directing to your page will get you more traffic. Also, it will increase the DR as well.
You can use the following steps to increase your DR score:

  1. Creating Engaging Content: It might seem like a cliché, but it isn’t. If you create compelling content, people will automatically want to link to it. Thus, increasing your traffic, along with the rating.
  2. Linking Relevant Pages or Sites: Linking the content that is relevant to yours can increase the “authority.” For instance, if you have an article, you can pitch the link of the author. Or, you can link advanced articles that are relevant to yours. Either way, it helps you with better outreach.
  3. Using Internal Links: Once you have enough authority, you can use it for less-ranking pages as well. It will bring traffic to those web pages that you want to rank.  

These easy and quick methods will help you a lot in increasing both DA and DR. Notice the score afterward, to be sure.


And, that brings us to the end of this article. By now, you will know about Domain Authority and Domain Rating as well as how you can use them.
If you are worried about your low scores, our simple methods will help you improve them. Hopefully, your website will get a much better ranking now than before.

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