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Fastest web hosting service- (SiteGround) “TOp 1”

SiteGround is one of the three official WordPress-recommended web hosts and also the fastest web hosting provider.

If you want to get your new website up and running as quickly and cheaply as possible without losing trust in your web hosting, SiteGround, the fastest web hosting provider, is a good choice. In the past few years, SiteGround has built an extraordinary reputation.

If you are looking for a high-quality and fastest web hosting service at a reasonable price, this hosting company is worth considering.

This article will look at the benefits of using SiteGround, compare it with other hosting companies, and the top three hosting plans: StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. So, let’s get started.

About the fastest web hosting provider SiteGround

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SiteGround is a Bulgarian fastest web hosting company founded in 2004 by some university students. Since then, it has grown progressively and has more than 500 employees and almost 2 million domains.

SiteGround is a top-rated WordPress web hosting service provider. WordPress.org officially recommends it. It also provides a unique internal WordPress security and speed solution to make your website as secure and fast as possible.

Additionally, SiteGround offers location-specific hosting services in three different data centers in Europe, the US, and Asia, so choose the closest data center to make your website lightning-fast. Plus, it offers daily WordPress backups, daily caches, unlimited databases, and email accounts.

The support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. According to their website, they also seem very focused on loading speed.

You can check out the reputation of SiteGound, as well their rating at hostadvice.

Benefits of using fastest web hosting-SiteGround

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Following are the few benefits of using SiteGround hosting services:

Quality Support

Good customer service is a major benefit of being a SiteGround services user. The SiteGround live chat, 24/7 tickets, and phone support are some charms of using it.

WordPress users will be happy to know that this host provides advanced WordPress-related support. However, this support is mainly for WordPress beginners to solve common WordPress issues and popular WordPress themes and plugins. It includes a free WordPress installation.

SiteGround will do everything possible to reduce the number of support requests received from employees but not allow employees to process such support requests. It includes overstaffing on all shifts and integrating internal monitoring and load-balancing systems to optimize how employees handle requests.

When you submit a support request and get a response, you can access the profile of the customer service representative you are talking to. This referral lists the representative’s experience, technical background, and other information.

SiteGround also has an extended knowledge base with hundreds of articles. These articles are designed to help you troubleshoot common problems you may encounter that aren’t typically caused by a network host failure.

There are also dozens of WordPress-related articles and special sections devoted to WordPress tutorials. These tutorials consist of various themes for WordPress beginners, from how to install WordPress to how to improve its security.

Money-back guarantee

SiteGround provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for shared hosting plans, which shows that they stand behind the services they offer.

Dedicated server and cloud hosting plans provide a 14-day money-back guarantee. It is enough to determine whether you are satisfied with the service. Even if the occupancy rate of 99.9% is not reached, SiteGround will refund you. It is clearly stated in their terms of service.


As website security vulnerabilities increase, it is essential to understand what the host is doing to secure the website. SiteGround is a pioneer in secure account isolation technology.

Since 2008, SiteGround has been developing CHROOT account isolation on shared servers. Today they are still at the forefront of hosting web security. They created this innovation, but no one in the industry thought it was possible.

It has other security features like Additional HackAlert Monitoring to notify website owners of website attacks. It’s a premium add-on for only $ 1 per month, but it’s very useful.

There is also free SSL for high-cost hosting plans and leech protection to prevent administrators from disclosing passwords.

Daily Backups

SiteGround performs daily backups for each hosting plan. If you have purchased a premium shared hosting plan or higher, you can access 30 backup copies and simple recovery features, like SiteGround cPanel hosting.

Affordable hosting

Compared with similar hosting, SiteGround hosting costs are quite affordable, especially for shared hosting plans. You can also get a free domain name through the purchase plan. Please note that SiteGround hosting costs are lower, and coupons can provide up to 60% discounts.

Free website transfers

If you are an inexperienced developer and are concerned about moving your website from one web hosting server to another, you can benefit from SiteGround’s free website forwarding service.

This service is suitable for a single website and full SiteGround cPanel hosting account migration.

Fast loading time

Just because your website is up and running doesn’t mean it’s always fast. Fortunately, this isn’t a problem with SiteGround. In fact, the average response rate for these months in 2021 is 653 Ms.

Ecommerce features included

This host also supports e-commerce websites. For example, through the partnership with Let’s Encrypt, SSL certificates can be obtained for free. It applies to all hosting plans.

It also provides specific hosting plans for your e-commerce website through SiteGround cPanel hosting and Softaculous, simplifying the one-click setup of 18 e-commerce applications. And includes PrestaShop, OpenCart, and Magento.

Email Hosting

The monthly fee for email hosting is lower. All email accounts you create are free. Your SiteGround webmail account is secured by SpamExperts and SpamAssassin, which reduces the amount of incoming and outgoing spam sent and received by your account.

SiteGround WordPress Toolkit

The toolkit contains a quick reset button for WordPress admin password, restricting access to only specific IP addresses, fixing file permissions, and changing website domain (or subdomain) options.

If you want to move the site, move the installation to a new folder, configure an SSL certificate, or remove the application if you want to remove the site for any reason permanently.

Depending on the developer’s skill level, these are very useful in certain situations and may or may not be necessary.

We also suggest reading the Namecheap Domain article.

High uptimes

Uptime is the ultimate indicator of the quality of web hosts. It is the time when the server is up and running. The uptime of SiteGround is very long, on average more than 12 months.

In 2018, SiteGround ranked fourth among other web hosts, judging based on average uptime.  The average uptime of the 32 shared web hosting services surveyed was 99.59%. SiteGround is significantly above average and ranks first.

Due to the long uptime, most sites are in normal operation 24 hours a day. So it would be best if you had the fastest web hosting, like SiteGround, to help you run a website and make money.

Free features

Web hosts prefer to charge an additional fee at checkout. SiteGround offers some great features without any extra charges.

Membership includes a free site migration. That can be done using the migration plugin. The SiteGround plan also includes a free CDN and a free SSL certificate.

Cloudflare CDN keeps pictures, videos, and other large files away from the server. Therefore, the server is always fast. Since SiteGround’s user servers are located worldwide, CDNs ensure that files are stored close to website visitors to deliver quickly.

All websites require an SSL certificate. It protects personal information sent between your device and the website. It’s a good choice for SiteGround to offer for free, as you need to get it anyway.

an image with siteground screen shot white prices

About the StartUp and GoGeek Plans

If you are considering hosting your WordPress site on a trusted and fastest web hosting, SiteGround is for you. However, due to some important differences between the plans, you may wonder whether to choose the StartUp or the GoGeek plan for your website.

The startup plan is SiteGround’s entry-level managed WordPress hosting plan, but GoGeek is the most powerful and expensive option. There is also a mid-range Grow Big plan between Start-Up and GoGeek.


Comparison of StartUp and GoGeek pricing

Price isn’t the only factor when choosing a hosting plan, but budgets can play an important role in making decisions. Therefore, with that in mind, the pricing and details for the StartUp and GoGeek plans are listed below. There is also a mid-range GrowBig plane.

  • StartUp plan: $6.99/month for one website, ~ 10,000 monthly visits  and 10 GB of web space.
  • GrowBig plan: $9.99/month for unlimited websites, ~ 25,000 monthly visits, and 20 GB of web space.
  • GoGeek plan: $14.99/month for unlimited websites, ~ 100,000 monthly visits, and 40 GB of web space.

As you can see, if you want to use your SiteGround login account to host multiple websites, you need to go beyond the entry-level startup plan.

In addition to the above benefits, the GoGeek plan also includes some useful tools and features while providing more resources to improve the website’s performance.

Websites hosted on top plans also have access to an additional layer of caching, so the GoGeek plan may be a good choice for those looking for a fast-loading website on a tight budget.

SiteGround has no data transfer limits (also known as bandwidth). Instead, the number of monthly visits to your website is used as a benchmark to help you choose the right plan based on your traffic level.

Who can use this host?

SiteGround is the fastest web hosting service for everyone, from small bloggers and large companies to professional web developers. It provides sufficient hosting plans and services to satisfy all types of users.

  1. WordPress beginners

SiteGround is an excellent choice for WordPress beginners. Its tutorial section and knowledge base are full of articles on how to perform basic tasks. You can learn how to:

  • Install CMS through SiteGround cPanel hosting
  • It’s your first theme
  • And add the Plugins
  • Protect your site
  • Manually backup your site

You can also get a lot of support from SiteGround’s support staff, including requiring you to install WordPress files, theme files, and anything else you need.

New and Small Bloggers

WordPress and Blogger are great places to host free blogs, but self-hosted WordPress is meant for professional blogging. If you are starting, SiteGround is a great hosting option.

It has an affordable shared hosting plan, enough capacity, and resources to keep your small blog running, and you can seamlessly upgrade as you grow.

Large companies and e-commerce stores

If you own a large company or e-commerce store, you will find that many services and plans can keep your website alive the traffic and security threats. You can choose from various premium plans if your shared hosting server does not meet your needs.

Each plan has built-in security features, firewalls, and free SSL certificates, providing an excellent way to protect your personal and billing information. SiteGround allows you to register, host, and manage domains and domain email addresses (SiteGround Webmail) from your SiteGround login account. Getting all of this under one roof can simplify the way you run your business.

Experienced WordPress users and professional web developers

It is also an excellent host for professional web developers. The staging area is a great approach to test new sites, plugins, themes, and custom code without disturbing the live version of the site.

The host also allows you to freely use the FTP server, various versions of PHP, and additional programming languages.

As mentioned above, this is also a good choice for developers who maintain their clients’ websites for long periods of time.

Reseller hosting plans are a great way to include hosting as a service, so customers do not have to worry about being too technical. SiteGround is the fastest web hosting available today.

SiteGround Comparison with other leading web hosts

The best choice for finding a reliable and fastest web hosting service provider depends on your budget, technical experience, and project size. It may be helpful to compare SiteGround hosting with other industry leaders.

Here is a comparison with other hosting providers based on several factors.

SiteGround vs. InMotion Hosting

InMotion is another relatively popular hosting company that offers independent and competitive hosting plans.

Here is a comparison between InMotion and SiteGround:

  • Compared to SiteGround, customer support is the same and highly valued by customers. Both have excellent supporting features.
  • Compared to InMotion, SiteGround has a better WordPress hosting infrastructure.
  • Pricing is very competitive, but the 24-month registration requirement at a low price breaks the deal.
  • Both hosts guarantee customers 99.9% uptime, but Inmotion reserves it for corporate hosting plans and above.

SiteGround vs. GoDaddy hosting

Godaddy is an industry leader in domain registration, but the web hosting services do not match SiteGround.

Here is a comparison between GoDaddy and SiteGround:

  • Compared to SiteGround hosting, Godaddy lacks superior customer support and hosting technology.
  • GoDaddy does not provide better WordPress hosting than SiteGround.
  • Godaddy offers lower pricing than SiteGround.
  • Both companies guarantee 99.9% uptime.

SiteGround vs. Bluehost

Bluehost is a brand of Endurance International and provides excellent hosting services on the recommended hosting list for WordPress.

Here is a comparison between Bluehost and SiteGround:

  • Both companies have similar capabilities to help customers respond instantly to customer support chats and tickets. SiteGround stands out because it helps provide free and fast website transfers for new customers. For Bluehost, requests are required, and it is not clear how flexible they are in assisting the migration.
  • WordPress.org recommends both hosts as the best WordPress hosting, but SiteGround’s servers are equipped with advanced hosting technology.
  • Unlike SiteGround, Bluehost is very suitable for beginners because it is cheaper and offers a monthly billing cycle.
  • Both companies guarantee 99.9% uptime for customers, but SiteGround is better than Bluehost in uptime.

SiteGround vs. HostGator

HostGator is another Endurance International brand that offers relatively good hosting. HostGator’s performance isn’t as good as its twin host, Bluehost.

Here is a comparison between HostGator and SiteGround hosting:

  • HostGator offers the worst customer support of any large hosting company. There was good customer service in the past, but after Endurance International’s acquisition, customer service deteriorated.
  • HostGator has cPanel’s WordPress hosting features but lacks SiteGround’s advanced WordPress hosting features.
  • He is competitively priced so that beginners can get started right away. And is highly affordable and offers beginner flexibility and a monthly billing cycle.
  • They offer the cheapest shared hosting plan, which results in server congestion and limited resources. HostGator does not guarantee 99.9% uptime, and there is a noticeable disruption.

Cons of SiteGround Hosting

Although SiteGround is a leader and the fastest web hosting, there are some limitations compared to its competitor hosts.

Here are some cons of this host:

  1. Higher price for renewal

As a new user, you may get a 67% discount, but once your subscription ends, you must pay the full amount (from $14.99 to $39.99 per month) to renew the contract.

In addition, SiteGround recently made an unpopular price increase decision after switching to the Google Cloud Platform, which does not necessarily mean it is terrible.

It proves that SiteGround is committed to providing its customers with great value and experience, but unfortunately, the speed and resources are not free.

We think it’s unfortunate that SiteGround’s price has soared. We believe the previous price was a bit high, but it has been classified as high-end with this price adjustment.

However, we have to say that this price increase is a necessary step. SiteGround is just doing what a self-respecting company is supposed to do.

The company is looking for a way to improve its client experience continually. At the very least, they offer the kind of value they want for their customers.

If you want to take advantage of more discounts, we recommend new users maximize the subscription period. It eliminates the need to pay the renewal price too quickly.

  • Limited Resources

Although the features and services of SiteGround are unique, the web host is not without its shortcomings. For example, shared hosting options are limited, so you can only get a certain amount of SSD space for your registered plan:

  • The startUp plan has 10GB
  • GrowBig plan has 20GB
  • The goGeek plan has 40GB

If you need more resources, you have no other option but to upgrade to the next tier.

Other disadvantages 

Following are a few other cons of using SiteGround hosting:

  • The cPanel user experience is very simple and needs to be redesigned for better navigation and visual appeal.
  • The minimum billing period is 12 months.
  • SiteGround does not have Google Adwords points on other hosts (such as HostGator).
  • Storage space is limited compared to hosts of the same or lower price.
  • Magento and OpenCart are basic hosting plans for eCommerce hosting and don’t have additional features like WordPress hosting. PCI compliance issues and free SSL certificates do not apply to the cheapest hosting plans.
  • This hosting is unsuitable for people with multiple sites and a limited budget. The cheapest hosting plan allows for only one domain and up to 10,000 visitors per month.


From this overview, it is clear that SiteGround excels in all key aspects of web hosting: performance, security, uptime, and customer support. More importantly, the company’s hosting service has amazing features that are unavailable on other web hosts.

Therefore, whether you are a beginner or a professional, SiteGround is an excellent web host because regardless of your hosting plan, you can enjoy efficiency, perfect performance, excellent support, reliable uptime, and the best security features and advanced features.

You can choose another web hosting provider based on your need, but in our view, SiteGround is a complete package for beginners and experienced developers. It is easy to use and one of the fastest web hosting platforms.

Please take advantage of SiteGround generous 30-day free trial to request a refund. However, it would help if you always did homework before committing to a hosting provider. Do not wait. Start working on SiteGround today.

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