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How to open a blog to guest posts? Write guest post become contributor

Did you know that guest bloggers can also be invited to your blog? What are some of the benefits of the idea of a blog plan? How can you open your blog up to guest writers?

Do you want valuable global views on your guest post website? just open your blogging websites for guest posting and see magic. 

You can do many things to increase your blog’s popularity. You can make your blog a contributor’s blog. Multi-author blogs allow for a blog with new posts each day.

The blog traffic you receive can be from writers sharing your blog post or, even better, linking back to your blog on larger websites. That is the best SEO strategy.

Freelancer FAQs is one example of an older supplier blog that got many global views. I have submitted many guest posts here. 

Freelancer FAQs

This blog is where freelance writers can write a guest post to build their name and write in a special way. I have had well-known freelance writers contribute to Freelancer FAQs.  This has permitted contributors to create great backlinks.  A high-quality guest post provides an SEO juice link to the on-page of the website. 

If you have knowledge about a specific topic and desire to educate people, it is the best time to start a guest posting website. Let me explain this with another example.

You can turn your mom blogger blog into a guest site for many reasons. This is especially true for those who are pregnant. When giving birth, most likely, blogging will not be on your mind. Many mom bloggers take a break and realize that if no new posts are published, traffic is affected and followers cease following.

Make blog posts before you take a break. This needs you to write two times as much content.

Ask guest bloggers for a guest post.

However, this is only a short-term plan to allow guest writers to access your blog. Once the owner of tech bloggers gets ready again she can write blogs for her blog. You can note that, if you have a blog for guest posting and you’re busy or not in a position to write a blog for your blogging website, other writers or guest bloggers will write for your website. 

Another reason why bloggers start a contributor site, let me explain with an example. 

Bloggers might start a contributor site to raise their blog traffic and monetization. You can imagine more blog traffic with a guest blogging website than with a regular blog.


You will have more content to share, sponsor and publish in a shorter time for better global views. 

I have started a new blog called tech wordtimes. I quickly grew blog traffic, got many proposals, and quickly generated blog content.

tech wordtimes

How do you open your blog up to guest writers? Here’s what I did to make tech wordtimes a guest blog.

What are the benefits of opening a blog to guest posts?

You can avail many benefits of opening a blog guest post. In off-page SEO, guest posting is a powerful tool to get a high authority backlink. Here are some benefits of guest posts.

  •   You can receive content from different mindsets
  •  opportunity to expand the menu with more variations
  •  You don’t need to write content yourself
  •  Ample content availability
  •  Make money with paid guest posting
  • More content views pro customization

If you have other business websites or you are doing SEO for your clients then you can develop the best SEO juice opportunities for those websites. 

Three Types of Guest Blogs

For guest blogging, there are usually three types of blogs:

  1. Create a brand new blog
  2. Buy an existing site
  3. Use your blog as a starting point

The best solution is to purchase an existing site.

This is a way to find a blogger who no longer wants a blog. Ask your email or social media if you don’t wish to blog.

I shared that I was searching for a new website in my Facebook group. It was a great blessing that I found a blog. Within a few minutes,  there were a lot of people who were interested, you may see!

website for guest post

Many SEO experts post things like “need free guest post website” their main attention is getting backlinks and creating SEO juice in link building. 

By the way! when searching for an existing blog, a blog should be at least one-year-old. You should also have social media profiles such as Pinterest and Facebook if possible. 

This blog was created only one year ago. There were two Facebook groups and social media profiles for this blog. 

You can also make it available for guest bloggers. Guest bloggers are welcome to visit your blog regardless of whether you’ve been blogging for three months or just recently started it. 

If you are starting a blog or buying an existing one, create social media profiles to promote your guest blog.

 Here’s what I mean:

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest profile
  • A Facebook Page
promote your guest blog.

These platforms can promote your business daily or several times per day and provide valuable content views pro customization. 

Create a separate Google Analytics account to track your contributor blogs.

Download 2 WordPress plugins

You will need these plugins to convert your blog into an online guest blog.

  • Related Post Plugin
  • Author Bio plugin

You don’t need the plugin for related posts. But it can be a powerful tool to promote your blog content.

related guest blog

Most initial blog visitors won’t be familiar with your blog content or niche.

The author bio plugin can show the author bio like this 

author bio

A tech wordtimes likes to have an author bio.

author bio plugin

I want to advertise my freelance writing service on a client’s blog. Any guest bloggers that provide free content should be allowed to place their blog or business in the same area.

This is my most wanted blog practice!

You can use a plugin to make your blog posts look more professional. In addition, you can also use author bios if your theme supports them. Or you can make a reusable block of Author Bios in WordPress.

WordPress Pages to Your New Guest Blog

You will need pages to host your contributor blog.

  • Submit guest post or write for us 
  • Contributor page (optional)
need pages to host your contributor blog

The Write for Us Page is the page with guidelines for guest posting.

Include these subtopics in your guidelines to contributors:

  1. The blog’s readership
  2. topics would you like to share on your blog?
  3. You can pick the topics that you wish to have covered by guest bloggers.
  4. The sharing of a blog article will result in a guest author (i.e. potential traffic, a new reader, etc.)
  5. Guidelines on creating a blog article for your blog (e.g., Use of H2 and H3 subheadings, word count, call-to-action, or other types of posts, such as list posts, are some guidelines
  6.  How to submit their posts as guest posts?
  7. Send them a hyperlink to your email address.
  8. How long is the content publishing schedule?

For guest blogs, the contributor page is optional. This page is dedicated to guest writers.

Tech wordtimes consist of technology articles. I wanted to feature as many guest writers as possible.

WordPress Contributors: The Role

WordPress uses Roles for site owners to restrict what users are allowed to do on their site. The site owner can control users’ access to specific tasks, such as editing and writing posts, creating Pages, and moderating comments. You can assign different roles to writers. for example 

 different roles to writers

The contributor position is the one I utilize. This position implies that the writer cannot add photos to your blog post or alter it once it has been submitted for review.

The process of creating a profile as a guest author 

  1. Guest Blog Blogger Emails: Get Pitch Ideas

I created an email address, especially for this purpose, Tech wordtimes. I receive an IPM email from anyone who pitches me a blog post idea.

Here is an example of a submission mail I received from other Tech wordtimes bloggers

Guest Blog Blogger Emails

2. You email them the next steps

Otherwise, I will email them information about the next step if all goes well.

email them the next steps

Important information contained in this email is:

  • That’s it; I’ll create a user profile
  • WordPress will send them the email address linked with their user profile. So that they can create a brand new Password.
  • For those who don’t have a Gravatar attached to their email, you can email me their headshot.
  • How to log in
  • How to post a comment and what is allowed or not in your post?

3. Make a user profile for the Guest Writer

The writers of unique guest posts become contributors when articles start accepting and meeting requirements.

Here’s what I do to create a profile for a user:

WordPress: Go to Profile > New

Fill out the profile with information from your email. You must change your role from a subscriber to a contributor. You should also check the box for “send a new person an email about their account.”

Click on Add New Users.

change your role

That’s it. If the user does not have an image, email them and request a headshot. You can also manually upload the image to your media collection and add it to your user profile.

This is what the guest blogger must do:

WordPress will send them their user profile. Once they have received it, they can log in to their account, update their profile with their social media link, and create an author biography.

update their profile

The guest blogger will then be able to go to Posts and create their post.

Editing of Guest Post Submissions

I have around five pending posts that I need to edit. This process can be handled either by a Virtual Assistant, depending on how many submissions you get and the contributors you have. Good editing in guest posting will provide you with more content views pro customization. 

For the moment, editing and submissions are mostly my responsibility. This is what this is how I usually do it:

Create a title by changing the heading and making SEO friendly 

Since tech wordtimes is just one-year-old. I’d like to get some search engine traffic and Pinterest traffic. To do this, I will be focusing more heavily on SEO – search engine optimization. I searched Google for keyword phrases to find which terms are most common and you get the global views

It is common for a pin to do well on Pinterest to help you rank on Google and get more traffic.

This is Understanding How to update Windows 10 Version 21H2. To see what others want to learn about 21H2, I ran a Google search.

Because of the popularity of the phrase “Windows 10 Version 21H2”. This is used by big brands such as Version 21H2, I needed to use an identifier for rank.

Since there were many searches for that phrase, I decided to use “in 2021” instead. So, for a better ranking on SERPs, you have to create SEO-friendly titles. If you don’t know how to make SEO-friendly titles just follow these steps. 

2. The Post Set up for ease of Impression

While optimizing the post for search traffic was necessary, I made sure the post was formatted for online reading. This means I broke up paragraphs and added sub-topics if there weren’t.

While most submissions were not required to be formatted, I ensured that affiliate links weren’t included.

Last but not the least, I added images to subheadings in order to increase readership as well as engagement with each post for getting more content views pro customization. 

3. Increase Social Media Graphics and Depiction

I use tech wordtimes as my Pinterest template. Also use paid stock photos as my social media graphics.

And I make one Pin image and use my stock picture as the Twitter/Facebook image. To decide on the Pinterest title, first I searched Pinterest for the keywords on Google. Then, I use any suggestions Pinterest offers me.

Increase Social Media Graphics

4. Set the Publication Day

The last step is to choose the publication date. Tech wordtimes has a content schedule of 3x per week. However, as I have more than 20 submissions to my blog, I can do daily posts for a certain time (e.g., one or two weeks).

Set the Publication Day

And then you have to set a date. 

Your publication date is up to you

Your publication date is up to you. If you have enough posts, I recommend at least two or three times per week. It is also essential to submit submissions that are sensitive to time (e.g., for holidays and seasonal content).

5. Piece of mail to the Guest Blogger

Next, notify the guest blogger via email and tell them about the publication date. Although some guest blogs don’t do this at all, it’s a great blogging practice and something that I do for Tech wordtimes. 

6. Promote your guest posts

After a guest blog post has been published, it is time to share it via your Facebook page, Facebook groups, or Pinterest. When I share guest writers’ posts on the  Tech wordtimes page, I tag them.

share guest

Blogger Outreach: What can you do to get bloggers to write on your blog in guest posts?

Your blog is now open to guest writers. You need content for it. How can you get guest bloggers to write for and promote your brand? Here are some ways to reach bloggers with promotional strategies

Create a Social Media Graphic

It is easy to promote your guest blog by creating a “write to us” graphic.  Please share this on social media, your blog, and any other blogs. This graphic can also be promoted on Facebook or Pinterest groups.

Tell Your Subscribers

To attract contributors to your email lists, it is a great idea to inform your subscribers about your new blog.

attract contributors to your email lists

Connect with the other bloggers

It’s a great idea to reach out to guest bloggers and ask guest writers to write for your guest blog. Although it may seem bold, making it easier by creating a template (while still being original and authentic each time you email a blogger) is possible.

These bloggers are out there, so where can you find them?

  1. Pinterest: Click on pins relevant to your niche to contact them
  2. Facebook
  3. Visit other guest blogs
Connect with the other bloggers

An example: Tech wordtimes, a tech blogger, received this outreach email.

Before contacting bloggers to contribute to tech wordtimes, I read a few blog posts and then connected with the blog owner.

This is vital as your email should not be interpreted as a pitch or template.

Get your blog ready for multi-authors

Open your blog to guest bloggers, whether you are preparing for Windows 10 Version 21H2  or changing your blog traffic strategy.

Now it’s time for you to take control. Do you have guest blogs to share? Comment on it!

Where do you check the quality of the article you receive from the contributor?

Many authors of guest post become contributors when their articles have been approved for publishing. You have to set some touchpoints that would help to access the quality article you receive from the contributor.

  •  First, you have to check the focus keyword for SEO
  •  Check the plagiarism of articles from paid tools like Qtext and Copy scape etc.
  •  Check grammatical error
  •  Make sure content should be 1000 words
  •  Check out the WordPress readability of guest posts; it should be green or good.
  • You need to check the links added in the guest; whether they are spammy or pure links, you can use SEO tools like Ahrefs and Semrush.

If you are confused about whether a specific guest post is already published or not on my guest post website, you just have to search with the title or a specific keyword of that blog in the WordPress blog section. You will see different results, and you can compare.

What is a Guest Post on a Blog?

Blogs are used by businesses to educate their clients. In addition to directing their customers toward relevant, important products and services. But, it can be challenging to keep creating new content.

Guest bloggers can be invited to create this content.

Guest blogging refers to inviting someone outside your company and having them write a blog that will be published on the company’s website. The writer will typically work in the same field as the organization or be an expert on the subject matter. A writer of the guest post becomes contributor when his/her articles have been approved and ready for publishing. 

It can be an excellent way for industry professionals to collaborate, either in sales or in tandem with affiliate marketing strategies.

Although creating a guest blogging strategy can be time-consuming, once you have it in place, things will become much more straightforward. This will work regardless if you are the editor or owner of a blog in a large business.

  1. Get organized
  2. Look for guest blogging opportunities.
  3. Send your pitch
  4. Send a second email
  5. Send your guest post
  6. Please thank the editor for their time and respond to any comments.
  7. Link to your guest posting from other guest posts

How do I ask for a guest posting on a blog?

  1. Use an email address to create a list of blogs that interest you in guest blogging

It is important to find the area you are interested in before reaching out to people for guest posting. The blogs you are guest posting on should be similar to yours. If you are trying to grow your blog, you need to talk to the people visiting your blog after reading your guest post. They will then come back for more.

2. Back to that

Now, go back to your blog list and add a one-sentence summary of what type of content they provide their visitors. Do they discuss SEO tactics? How to grow your audience? How to become an independent location-based entrepreneur?

You want to focus on your topic to have a starting point when thinking about future posts. Also, this post should be the best you’ve ever published.

3. Read their writing and learn about their blog style.

What is the blog’s tone? What kind of titles are they using? You should pay attention to how the posts are made. Are they trying to teach one thing, or do they share a broad idea? Do they have a set format, or are each post unique? How long are their posts on average?

4. Write 2-4 titles that include a summary or bullet points about the content you propose.

Remember when I spoke earlier about making it easy for them to say no? This step is crucial.

If you haven’t yet spoken with the blogger/person on the team about writing guest posts, then it is pretty much law that you include your initial request for guest posting and send them your ideas for the post.

What does a guest post on a blog mean?

Guest blogging refers to inviting someone outside your company and having them write a blog that will be published on the company’s website. The writer will typically work in the same field as the organization or be an expert on the subject matter.

I can find people who guest post on my blog, and I can make money on it?

Yes, you can make money via guest blogging and make a better future from guest posting websites. But it takes time. It has a proper process. First, you have to rank your website on SERPs and with some keywords. You have to add guest posts yourself, but after publishing some valuable and SEO-optimized articles, you will get some authority. you can make money by following the ways:


A well written and SEO optimized guest post can provide you with more global views for organic traffic. Many writers of guest posts become contributors to your guest posting website and provide you with unique and valuable content. 

It’s not easy to reach the peak of success overnight. Therefore, you must be ready to put in your best effort. Until your guest blog posts yield results, try an engaging theme if your content is rejected. The follow-up emails aren’t always pleasant.

However, they’re better than ending the project. So, stay patient and continue to improve your guest blogging ideas. In no time, you’ll be able to open a guest blog site with high approval ratings. That brings significant traffic to your site and boosts the success of your business. Furthermore, if you want to create backlinks you can get relevant and white hat SEO juice in link-building strategy.

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