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So, you want more and more traffic on your blog, and thus, you have chosen a guest post. Right? But do you know how to find guest post opportunities and, more precisely, free guest posting opportunities?

While finding guest post opportunities, you must have different questions popping in your mind, like how to submit blogs? And will your blog be accepted?

Hence, you have to spend much time understanding all circumstances. And after all, we are here to help you out in how to find guest post opportunities? So, let’s start the proceeding:

Top 5 Ways to Find Guest Post Opportunities

In guest post service, you will write articles to be published on someone’s website who has reasonable and much more traffic than you on his site. In return, you will get some backlinks, and in the end, links will work like affiliate links. Got it?

So, get to the ways to find guest post opportunities that will truly help you:


Firstly, Google is that search engine that will rank our work (blogs). Hence, we always use it to find different things. Merely like that, we can find guest post opportunities on Google as well. Moreover, many experts say that it is the best way to find free guest posting opportunities. So, let’s see how?

You will first choose your keyword and search on Google like this:

  • Target Keyword + guest post
  • Main Keyword + guest post service
  • Focus Keyword + free guest posting
  • Keyword + submit a guest post

You can try your different style of searching but use words similar to “guest post.” By searching like this, you can get different results, including guidelines, guest posts, and, most importantly, guest post opportunities.

Social Media

Social media always proved to be an effective way while finding anything related to guest posts and guest post service. On different social media sites and especially Twitter, you can search merely like as we said about Google: “Your keyword + any word related to guest post.”

You will get a nice number of guest post opportunities as many guest posters, and more precisely, bloggers share their guest posts. Hence, there you will also find some people who will offer you to write for them, and they will give you backlinks or referral links.  

Guest Posting Communities

Are you new to guest posting and still looking for your initial free guest posting opportunities? If so, then guest posting communities can give you a nice start to push yourself into this industry.

Also, these communities work like platforms for both guest posting writers and bloggers to find each other without much effort. And in a result, these communities will keep their profit.

Backlinks of Your Rival

As you are finding simple or free guest posting opportunities, your competitor or rival must also be finding guest post opportunities, or he has done this ever before. So, you will find the backlinks of your competitors to know from where they are getting backlinks. That is how you can also get backlinks from the same place.

You can use different tools for this purpose, and if you don’t want to use any tool, you can use Google search. You will search on Google like this: “guest post” (domain should be your competitor’s)

Known Guest Bloggers

If you know about any prolific and well-known guest blogger of your niche or industry, then you must search about him. Hence, you have to search on Google like this:

[Name of prolific guest blogger] + guest post

That is how you will get to know about every site and blog where he or they (if you know more than one) has ever submitted their guest posts. And that is your guest post opportunities. Moreover, you will also know how to submit blogs like a professional?

guest post

List of 15 websites offering free guest posting

Almost every website that offers free guest posting will be from a different niche and industry. So, we will try our best to include every niche:

1.     Mashable

  • Niche- Digital Marketing
  • DA- 93 
  • Alexa Rank- 1,778 
  • Traffic – 13.1 Million
  • 40 million monthly page views 

2.     INC Magazine

  • Niche- Travel
  • DA- 92 
  • Alexa Rank- 2,230 
  • Traffic – 14 million

3.     Boarding Area

  • Niche- Travel
  • DA- 81 
  • Alexa Rank- 46,939 
  • Traffic – 2 million

4.     Psychology Today

  • Niche- Health
  • DA- 93 
  • Alexa Rank- 1,610 
  • Traffic – 28.2 million

5.     Mercola

  • Niche- Health
  • DA- 91 
  • Alexa Rank- 10,383 
  • Traffic – 5.6 million

6.     Disney Food Blog

  • Niche- Food
  • DA- 67 
  • Alexa Rank- 77,160 
  • Traffic – 1.4 million

7.     One Green Planet

  • Niche- Food
  • DA- 76 
  • Alexa Rank- 31,384 
  • Traffic – 1.6 million

8.     Elephant Journal

  • Niche- Lifestyle
  • DA- 75 
  • Alexa Rank- 48,882 
  • Traffic – 759k

9.     Forbes

  • Niche- News
  • DA- 95 
  • Alexa Rank- 279 
  • Traffic – 103 million

10. Baby Center

  • Niche- Family
  • DA- 89 
  • Alexa Rank- 3,677 
  • Traffic – 20.1 million


  • Niche- Education
  • DA- 90
  • Alexa Rank- 6,901
  • Traffic – 3.6 million 

12.eLearn Magazine

  • Niche- Education
  • DA- 90 
  • Alexa Rank- 6,901
  • Traffic – 3.6 million


  • Niche- Enterprenuership
  • DA- 75 
  • Alexa Rank- 30,801
  • Traffic – 618K 

14. Creately

  • Niche- Technology
  • DA- 74  
  • Alexa Rank- 6,886
  • Traffic – 2.9 million


  • Niche- Technology
  • DA- 92
  • Alexa Rank- 7,091
  • Traffic – 3.2 million

How to NoFollow Affiliate Links? And their Importance

Nonetheless, you can manually NoFollow affiliate links by using WordPress editor or any other tool like this. In HTML settings, you have to type rel=” nofollow” for the link you want to be ignored by Google.

At the point when you have an excessive number of links highlighting partner locales, you cause it to show up as though they are straightforwardly paying you for site improvement (SEO) support. Also, this is the thing that prompts punishments, including the deficiency of your well-deserved web index positioning. So, you need to NoFollow affiliate links to tell Google that these links are not to be followed.

DoFollow Link Checker Tool for Guest Bloggers and Link Builders Importance

A DoFollow link checker will tell you about any website that whether it has any NoFollow affiliate links attribute or not. While in general, the DoFollow link means that search engines like Google must follow this link. It should be like this:

<a href=”” rel=”follow>link text here </a>

While link builders will assist you with a search engine to find new site pages and determine how favorably a page should rank in the SERPs.

Final Words

All in all, guest blogging is indeed a great way to increase traffic on a blog. We hope you also use them for your blog. So, If you have any questions regarding guest posting or guest post opportunities, feel free to ask. We are constantly here to support you out.