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How to get Backlinks in 2022?

You will be surprised to know that backlinks are one of Google’s top three ranking factors. Many business owners and marketers want to know how to get backlinks to their websites. Moreover, links from one site to another are seen as a vote of trust, confidence, and authority. So the increased authority means higher rankings on SERPs, granting your website more organic traffic and visibility. In contrast, Google doesn’t view all the links from the same eyes, and toxic links can harm your website’s ranking. So to create backlinks, you should be aware of SEO strategies and multiple ways to help you earn excellent links.

One of the best ways to build a link is with resource link building. To be successful with this method, you need to create resource pages to earn quality backlinks. Examples of some pages on how to get backlinks for free with resource link building include:

  • Local governments
  • Universities
  • Travel and Tourism Board

It is all about finding pages with external links to the dead pages. However, if you are using broken link building, make sure that you have similar content to what was initially linked to the page.

If you sell others’ products, you could have an excellent opportunity to learn how to get backlinks. In this way, you can get many authoritative links back to your website. Therefore, put together a list of all of the supplier’s websites and work on them one by one to search for pages of their stock lists.


You have the best opportunities to create backlinks to your site as a member of a business association. This backlinking is just like supplier linking because you need to compile all the associations and the relevant websites in the list. After collecting the data, you should look for similar pages on their sites.

If you still to know how to get backlinks for free, you can use Listicle to show your services and products to the audience to get links. You can also make use of Google search operators to identify your industry-related Listicle.

Link gap analysis is one of the best ways to find link-building opportunities. In this way, you will find sites that link to your competitors. When a website is linked with more than one of your competitors, there are chances that these websites will also create backlinks with your site.

Final Talk:

There are different places you can look to find backlinks. You can email people with similar websites to you to trade links. Generally, a one-way link charges you for advertising costs. Therefore you should know how to get backlinks to avoid trading links. To conclude, no one can discourage link building, as it’s a process that might take months to get to the top for some keywords. Therefore, it’s important to know the competition level you are facing.

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