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WP ROCKET REVIEW – Does Google love fast websites?

Have you come across the point “google loves fast websites”? What does this mean, and how it works? We will tell you everything in this blog and give you a WP rocket review.

Do you like to wait while surfing through the internet and let the images and content download slowly? No! Similarly, Google also doesn’t like this thing. The algorithms of Google are set in such a way that they put the user experience first and work upon it.

Now, the question may arise why does google care about user experience? Back then, google algorithms were based upon keywords. Most people took benefit of that and uploaded content that was not of good quality.

As a result, algorithms are changed, and they focus on user experience and where the users go.

Fast Website


Speed engineering is one of the hot and trending topics that will tell you why speed matters a lot. If you put informative blogs and many people are attracted to them. Then you have to make it more user-friendly.

Suppose your website works slowly. As a result, visitors will not like to visit your website. Google picks up sites that are fast and do not have glitches. Whenever you are making a website. You must always keep in mind that website speed is something upon which google will never compromise.

You must check the website speed and match it with your competitors. There are many speed checker monitors through which you can check whether your site is loading quickly or not. Moreover, there are some website checkers which will also tell you how you can improve the speed.

Google itself offers a google page insights platform to check about your website. The best and most surprising thing is that you will never know when the algorithm of google changes. So, you have to make sure that each thing is just the way you want. And the speed of a website is best.

WP Rocket Review

Suppose you want to speed up the web loading and make the pages load quicker. Then you must use WP rocket. The drop in page loading time is almost from 2.10 to 1.35 seconds, or you may say 54% fast than normal.

Features Of WP Rocket – Review

WP Rocket has amazing features like image optimization, lazyload and database optimization, etc. As a result, the website will be fast and also light.

User Guide – honest WP rocket review

WP rocket is not only for professionals. But you can use it still if you are a newbie. It has simple and comprehensive documentation that will guide you and help you how to use it and how solve the issues.

Update and WP rocket review

You will not have to worry and think about the work. It is updated almost two times a month. So, there are no bugs at all, and its performance is also enhanced from time to time. It is always compatible with new versions of WordPress and works on googles’ algorithms too.

How Do I Rank My Website On Google

If you do not know how to rank a website on google. Then keep in mind the following points. You have to:

Do on-page SEO.
⦁ Put keywords in the title.
⦁ Use perfect Outbound links.
⦁ Add an interesting meta description.

Doing such things will help you rank your website faster.

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